The festival pays a tribute to Central and East European literature and, at the same time, to the city of Timișoara, which is an open gate, both towards the East and the West, a unique combination of cultures and a symbol of tolerance and multiculturalism in Romania. Recently the city won the status of European Cultural City 2021 – another reason for the organizers to strive to make the project one of the most popular events in Timisoara.
Every year, during the 3 festival days, roundtables, prose and poetry readings and open discussions have taken place, with themes ranging from eastern and western cultural identities, past and present political issues to the experience of writing in a foreign language.
The organizers were honored to have an interesting mixture of well-known writers as guests, among whom: Slavenka Draculić (Croatia), Richard Swartz (Sweden), Attila Bartis (Hungary), Jan Koneffke (Germany), Wladimir Arsenjiewich (Serbia) Yuri Andruchowich, (Ucraina) Viktor Erofeev (Russia), Edo Popović (Croatia), László Krasznahorkai (Hungary), Daša Drndić (Croatia), Ornela Vorspi (Albania), Cătălin Dorian Florescu (Swiss), György Dragomán (Hungary), Radka Denemarková (Czech Republic), Ljudmila Ulitskaya (Russia), Clara Usón (Spain). Well known Romanian writers (Mircea Cărtărescu, Andrei Pleșu, Răzvan Petrescu, T.O. Bobe, Adriana Babeți, Cornel Ungureanu, Mircea Mihăieș, Filip Florian, Florin Lăzărescu a.o.) joined the foreign guests every year.
FILTM: A project initiated in 2012 by Oana Boca, Ioana Gruenwald and Robert Șerban. Since 2013, Oana Doboși – Potcoavă and Raluca Selejan have joined the team.

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